• Rosemary Burn MA, LTCL.

    Piano Tuition Devizes

    Piano and violin lessons for beginners through to advanced. Why not book a lesson today?

  • Rosemary Burn MA, LTCL.

    Lessons with Rosemary

    Learning a musical instrument keeps your mind sharp, and it's a lot more fun than Sudoku!

  • Rosemary Burn MA, LTCL.

    Learn for any reason

    Studies have shown that learning a musical instrument strengthens the brain, with the greatest benefits found in those who began lessons when young.

Rosemary teaches the piano at St Francis school, Pewsey and is also able to give tuition via Skype and Zoom

Piano Lessons for adults.

Violin Lessons for adults.

Piano Lessons for children.

Violin Lessons for children.

Rosemary is also available as an accompanist for ABRSM exams.

Frequently asked questions…

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Do you teach beginners?
Yes, I teach all ages and levels of experience, including beginners. Just give me a call and we can discuss what your aims might be, whether it's exams and concerts, or a more relaxed approach.

What are the advantages of learning with a private teacher, out of school?
It might seem difficult to believe, but in many cases it can be far better to have a private teacher (vs. one at a school or similar).
Here are some reasons why:
  • You, as a parent, can meet potential teachers before deciding who to choose for your child.
  • A private teacher can keep you regularly informed as to progress, and how you can support your child with the right practice in between lessons.
  • Pupils of private teachers often progress faster because of this interaction between teacher and parent(s).
  • In my case, I do not take a terms fees without seeing that missed lessons are made up at a later time, which I believe is not the case in most schools.
  • Where there is a good rapport between pupil, teacher and parents, it is easy for new ideas and approaches to be implemented fast.
  • The cost for private lessons is no more than it is at school.
  • A private teacher has more freedom to arrange informal concerts and get-togethers for pupils. This enables them to play duets and in ensembles, and if they wish, to enjoy music together as a group.
Do I need to learn theory?
The two main examining boards both offer eight graded theory exams, and grade 5 theory is a prerequisite for taking grade 6 practical with the ABRSM. However if you take Trinity exams there is no such requirement. This is the main reason I teach theory as a separate subject, and I don't expect my students to take each theory grade (unless they want to) because I feel it isn't necessary. Plenty of theory is learnt from the start within the practical lessons - reading and interpreting musical notation is essentially putting theory into practice.

How much are lessons?
£44 per hour, £23 per half hour.

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